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US Orders: If for any reason you're not completely satisfied with your purchase, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee for returns and exchanges, as long as the shoes are in like-new condition. While exchanges are free, returns will incur a shipping and processing fee.

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(To ensure the shoes are not damaged in any way, we encourage you first try the shoes on with socks on, on a carpeted surface.)

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*Socks are not eligible for returns or exchanges.

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Flux Footwear

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We do not directly support international exchanges at this time, but if you would like to order a different size, simply go to the product page and purchase the new item.


Machine wash cold, with like colors. If using a top-loading machine, place on top of laundry load. Let air dry, out of direct sunlight. Do not machine-dry.

This will also freshen up and re-animate the interior foam.


If you've read this far, you're our kind of people. Let's nerd-out on the nitty gritty.

We consider our shoe more preventative when it comes to foot pain and injuries (like Plantar Fasciitis). The Flux Adapt is extremely flexible and flat, meaning it actually causes your arches to build up their own support. Consider a study done in 2003 by Dr. Harvey Lemont showed that plantar fasciitis is actually the degeneration of tissue, which is caused at least in part by the decrease of bloodflow that happens when the toes are squished at the front of your shoes. In other words, it is not a lack of arch support that is likely causing your foot pain, but rather the lack of room for your toes to properly splay. That is why we gave the Flux Adapt a generous toe box to accomodate your toes and get that restorative blood flow back to your feet.

Machine wash cold, with like colors. If using a top-loading machine, place on top of laundry load. Let air dry, out of direct sunlight. Do not machine-dry.

This will also freshen up and re-animate the interior foam.

The sole is made of a 5mm Adaptsol sockliner, 5mm neoprene insole, and 5mm rubber Adaptsol tread.

Because the materials used in the Flux Adapt are extremely stretchy and flexible, and to create enough biofeedback at the perimeter of the foot for athletically demanding activities, we have engineered the performance-width toebox of the shoe to fit wider than typical athletic shoes, and not quite as wide as the widest "barefoot" shoes on the market. This gives your foot plenty of room to move freely, while allowing the shoe enough proximity to adapt to your foot without being baggy.

While there's no real break-in period, we do advise anyone new to barefoot shoes to ease into the product. Wear them in for a quarter-mile to start, and see how your feet feel the next day. Especially if your feet are used to typical, highly-cushioned athletic shoes, your feet may need several incremental wearings to strengthen your feet before wearing them for longer distances and more strenuous activities. Listen to your body!

You can! However, as addressed in the break-in period response above, we don't recommend running long distances in them unless you have worked up to it.

We've taken these shoes through the paces in a slew of activities: hiking Angel's Landing, power-lifting, calisthenics, yoga, kettlebell workouts, rope climbs, spikeball, touch football, ultimate frisbee, biking, and more. We're just scratching the surface of what these shoes can handle, and we'd love to hear what you use them for!

Our shoes are 100% vegan, are produced according to the highest standards in S Korea, and our uppers are made of 30% recycled polyester. On top of all that, we're currently researching ways to make the product even more sustainable in the future!