5 Reasons Why The Adapt Trainer by Flux is Your Next Favorite Lifting Shoe

We get it, you’re picky when it comes to your shoe choice - especially in the gym. You want something that looks, feels, and performs to the same standard you hold yourself to, which is why we created the Adapt Trainer

Walk into any gym and you’re sure to see a variety of footwear choices, from tennis shoes, to olympic weightlifting shoes, and the guy who always walks around in nothing but dirty socks… In each of these cases, you can do better. 

Flux Footwear’s Adapt Trainer was engineered to perform in the gym. Created with a minimalist approach in mind, these ‘barefoot’ trainers are ready to improve your quality of training, and the way you feel each day. 

Here’s five reasons why the Adapt Trainer is the best choice for your next gym session.

Adapt Trainer in the Gym

Reason #1 - Mind-Muscle Connection

So, it turns out the shoeless guy with the dirty socks may be on to something - with one caveat… You can keep your shoes on and gain the same benefit. But only if you have the right shoes. 

Lifting in a barefoot shoe enhances something called proprioception. Basically, a big word to explain your body’s ability to control movement through different planes of motion. 

Improved proprioception promotes a heightened awareness of how the body is positioned, and what actions are needed to properly execute any given movement pattern. From power output to agility, proprioception is the skill you either use or lose. 

By going barefoot or perhaps, opting for the more stylish and socially acceptable option of a barefoot training shoe, you stimulate important muscles in the feet and lower leg, allowing your brain to send signals to the body which promote a greater degree of muscular activation.

Flux’s Adapt Trainer enhances your proprioception with the support of Adaptsol™ cushioning. Our exclusive cushioning encourages healthy activity with just enough support, while also featuring over 100 individual massaging cushions that mimic the feel of barefoot proprioception.

Gone are the days of highly cushioned shoes sold as “trainers”. The reality is that they fail to offer the natural feel you need to recruit and train important muscles. Barefoot training shoes promote the strength you need to perform better and live healthier. 

Reason #2 - Range of Motion

Mobility is a limiting factor for many people. No matter the movement pattern, if range of motion is hindered, you can’t perform to the best of your ability. And even worse, you run a higher risk of injury. 

Barefoot shoes promote greater flexibility of the foot, in large part due to their thin and flexible soles. Rather than constraining your feet to a small box and limiting them from natural motion, use barefoot trainers to let the feet stretch and strengthen throughout movement.

And not to be overlooked, the benefits of barefoot shoes extend well beyond the feet. 

Flexibility in shoes like the Adapt Trainer allows your body to work more naturally through various patterns of movement, keeping areas like the ankles, knees, lower back, and spine healthy and more resistant to common injuries. 

Reason #3 - Balance & Stability

All good things require a strong foundation - and this is especially true in the gym.

In order to make the most of each movement, you need a proper sense of ground feel. The connection of feet to ground is an important one that is often reduced in today’s selection of training shoes - with their ultra padded “support” that can easily do more harm than good.

We know that the ability to move effectively starts at your feet, and because of that, we believe in the power of training in minimalist shoes that encourage as much connection with the ground as possible.

The Adapt Trainer’s  Adaptsol™ technology provides a wider toe box and an ultra flexible sole, so your feet can stretch and move as intended. Plus, you gain all the important benefits of traction, which otherwise can’t be gained from true barefoot lifting, using our Adaptsol Tread. This ensures you remain locked-in for whatever exercise you’re performing. 

Flux Adapt Trainer for Lifting

With the balanced and stable base offered by a barefoot training shoe, you remain grounded, just as your body intended.

Reason #4 - Improved Form & Efficiency

Once you’ve established a strong base - from the ground up - you can then optimize for technique and movement efficiency. 

Barefoot shoes promote an awareness of your unique body mechanics. Many shoes are made with one body type in mind, which leads to issues for anyone who doesn’t ‘fit the mold’. There is little to no freedom for the body to move beyond the capabilities of the shoe, which limits your ability. 

You need a shoe that adapts to your body. Barefoot trainers encourage better lifting form by allowing your body to move naturally and pick-up on cues we often overlook when wearing shoes with a rigid structure. 

In the Adapt Trainer, you can effectively move through different planes of motion, maximizing the abilities of the body to push, pull, and move weight more effectively. You should never feel limited by your training gear, barefoot shoes make sure you won’t be. 

Reason #5 - Versatility & Convenience

One of the many problems of modern day lifting shoes is that they only work for specific exercises. 

It’s not uncommon for someone to change shoes midway through their workout, just to accommodate a new movement. 

With the Adapt Trainer, you can have confidence that the principles of barefoot training are tried and true. They’re flexible, comfortable, and zero drop, meaning your foot lies naturally on the ground, instead of being elevated by a structure that does more to detract than support your performance.

In a barefoot training shoe, what works for one exercise will work for the next. No more forgetting your squat shoes at home or on-the-fly shoe changes. Everything you will ever need - from daily wear to training wear - can stay on your feet, so you’re ready for anything. 

Flux Footwear offers all the benefits of barefoot strength in the Adapt Trainer. Try them and never look back!

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