Interested in Trying Flux Footwear? Here’s What You Need to Know

Whether you’ve tried barefoot shoes in the past, or you’re interested in their benefits, Flux Footwear is your number one choice for comfort, style, and performance. Our mission was to create the world's most adaptive shoes—ones that move with your feet, not against them. 

Here’s everything you need to know about what sets Flux apart from the competition and how we meet the needs of your everyday lifestyle. 


We believe comfort should be a top priority in your choice of footwear. While many minimalist shoe brands don’t consider your comfort in their design, our selection of shoes offer increased flexibility and adaptability, to perfectly match the unique qualities of your foot.

A more natural feel doesn’t need to mean less comfort. Barefoot footwear mimics the ability to walk or run without shoes, providing minimal support and allowing the feet to move more naturally. This can lead to improved balance, stability, and sensory feedback. 

Flux Footwear ensures a wider toe box, ultra-flexible sole, and just the right amount of stretch throughout - your feet will love the freedom found in our AdaptSol™ technology.

And perhaps best of all, our shoes feature over 100 individual massaging cushions to mimic barefoot proprioception and provide just enough cushioning for any activity. This feature alone makes Flux a ‘must try’ for anyone interested in the benefits of barefoot shoes!

Flux Adapt Trainer


Let’s be honest, most barefoot shoes sacrifice looks for feel, and some are just down right ugly. We don’t believe that needs to be the case. 

All Flux shoes come in multiple color ways and feature a fashionable design for your style - because if it doesn’t look good, will you really wear it? 

Our shoes may be built for the gym, but you can be sure they are also the right fit for the office, coffee shop, airport, or your next date night. Versatility matters. No one wants to change shoes multiple times per day, which is why Flux paired the benefits of barefoot footwear with the style of the modern day.

We proudly engineer the perfect balance of style and tech to support every activity.

And unlike our competitors, Flux shoes stand up to the weather with a Breathable AdaptKnit™ Upper, so rain or shine you can keep moving. When they get dirty, simply pop them in the washer in cold water and before you know it, they’re as good as new!

Black Flux Adapt Trainer


From the roads to the gym, Flux training shoes support your health and performance with key features and purposeful design. 

All barefoot trainers are zero drop, meaning the soles of our shoes are flat, allowing your muscles and ligaments a natural, full range of motion. 

The AdaptSol Tread on the outsole of our shoes utilizes a dual-injection rubber for a high-level of flexibility and traction, giving you peace of mind with each movement.

And do you remember the 100 massaging cushions we mentioned earlier? The same AdaptSol cushioning found in the Adapt Trainer has also been applied to our new removable AdaptSol insole, featured in the Adapt Runner! 

Textured insoles have been shown to help reduce impact forces on the joints, so you can train longer and harder with each of our barefoot training shoes. 

The benefits of training (and living) in a barefoot shoe can be discovered in our selection of Adapt Trainer, Adapt Trainer High Top, and Adapt Runner. 

Flux Adapt Runner


  • Flux was founded in 2020 by a few friends biohacking their way to better health and fitness, founded on the belief that we can help the world move better.
  • We offer free contiguous US shipping and free returns and exchanges, as long as the shoes are in like-new condition. 
  • All deliveries are carbon neutral.
  • Our symbol is the "Leo", a stylized "X" shape modeled after Leonardo DaVinci's original "Vitruvian Man" which the master sketched in roughly 1490. It is a constant reminder of the gift of movement, creativity, and persistence.
  • 15% discount for military and first responders. 

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Q - What is a “barefoot” shoe?

A - "Barefoot shoes'' is a general term for shoes that optimize the natural biomechanics of the human foot. To achieve that, our shoes feature excellent flexibility, zero-drop (no heel raise), and a generous toe box to accommodate the foot's natural shape. 

Q - Are barefoot shoes better for you?

A - Barefoot shoes are designed to mimic the experience of walking or running without shoes, providing minimal support and allowing the feet to move more naturally. This can lead to improved balance, stability, and sensory feedback.

Q - Do barefoot shoes protect your feet?

A - Flux barefoot shoes are made with durable materials and provide sufficient protection for the soles of the feet for most (if not all) activities.

Q - Can you wear barefoot shoes every day?

A - Yes, you can wear barefoot shoes every day! However, it's important to note that barefoot shoes are designed to provide minimal support and protection, which can take some time to get used to if you're used to highly protective shoes.

Gradually increasing the amount of time you spend in barefoot shoes and listening to your body's responses can help ensure a comfortable transition.

Q - Do you wear socks with barefoot shoes? 

A - Wearing socks with barefoot shoes is a matter of personal preference. Some people choose to wear socks with barefoot shoes to provide additional comfort and protection for their feet, while others prefer to go sockless to maximize the barefoot experience. 

If you choose to wear socks with barefoot shoes, it's important to select socks that are thin and allow your feet to move naturally. Thick socks or socks with heavy padding may dampen the benefits of wearing barefoot shoes.

We have designed thin socks that work well for this purpose! (Available on the Flux website).